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FOR TOEFL & GRE Test, valid passport is mandatory without any exception.

"Mohyal Educational Research Institute of Technology" acronym as MERIT was established in October '99 by Mohyal Foundation to set up an educational society with emphasis on Information Technology. Since then, the institution has been achieving newer heights by empowering the youth of both Mohyals and Non-Mohyals. MERIT has not only contributed to youth, but has also has become a catalytic factor for other age groups to learn IT.

This millennium is an era of information and knowledge. For fast development, we as a nation have to convert ourselves into a society, which is knowledge centric. The IT has played a major role ushering in "Knowledge Revolution" from the earlier concept of 'Data Management', 'Management of Information' to 'Knowledge Management' today. For development it is necessary that we concentrate on "Knowledge Management".

Our country is on the brink of a period of rapid changes. New knowledge learnt through IT and IT enabled services is fast changing the shape of this planet. The beauty is that the knowledge is self-generating. One new discovery leads to a chain reaction of new discoveries and knowledge.

In this era, therefore every aspect of our life is directly or indirectly influenced by the how we generate this information and there from the knowledge. This revolution indeed is directly or indirectly related to the invention of magic "chip" and exponential and continued increase of its processing power. It won't be an exaggeration, if one states, that in the present age of digital technology, the computers or chip runs the show. Information Technology is the enabling key and knowledge is the main tool to achieve the objectives & goals of our nation.

Considering the importance of Information Technology and its impact in changing our nation into a knowledge society, Mohyal Foundation established "Mohyal Education & Research Institute of Technology" acronym as MERIT in October '99.

MERIT, as the name suggests, the prime areas of focus have been education and research, and for the past 12 years, MERIT has proved its worth, and is still proving, by its various accomplishments. It has touched all age groups with its wide reach and has earned a reputation in the society. It has made a valuable contribution in making a knowledgeable society that encompasses people of all age groups and all sections.

With about 60 computers of latest configurations, 2 fully air-conditioned labs, full power backup, and sufficient internet provisions, MERIT is one of the few that has such facilities of international standards. Becoming an online testing center of various international testing organizations like TOEFL, PEARSON and PROMETRIC, proves the same.